Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year.

Did you notice that I, who put exclamation points on just about every sentence, did not put one in the title above.  So far, the new year is not that great.  I have to work again today.  Yep, no holidays for me but Thanksgiving and Christmas and no extra pay when I do work them.  I might have the workflow clerk's undying gratitude, but I doubt it.  Anyway, here I've been, trying to work, but feeling like I'm going uphill through deep snow or something, making very little progress and feeling like I'll never get done and then I got sucked into a phone melodrama involving my mom and her sisters and a crazy little condition called Alzheimer's dementia, which I fear is one day going to put us all in the hospital.  My mom is the one who has it, but me and mom's sisters and my brother are all going crazy from it.  Caregiving, it's rough.

My car is still broken down.  I'm out of coffee and I'm getting just a wee bit crabby.

And also my friend's husband wasn't able to come off the ventilator today and it's their wedding anniversary and that's just sad and kind of puts all my crap into perspective.

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