Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today would be a good day.

To go ahead and review our homeschooling routine and see what we need to add or subtract.  We're stuck home without a car again today so we should have plenty of time.  The trouble is, I don't really know what to do.  I spent some time yesterday looking at dysgraphia resources but I didn't find anything.  :-(  I really probably need to get Dianne Craft's Brain Integration Therapy Manual, which I've heard will help, but it's kind of pricey.  I just figured out, while typing this, that some of her videos are on Youtube, so I'm going to check those out and then see if I can come up with a plan. That's the thing about homeschooling, if it isn't working, you can change it, and I frequently do.  :-)

I've been reading a lot of things on these websites (below) that kind of make me re-think education and childhood.  One thing I think we need to do, in educating these 2 high schoolers, is give them some control of what they learn and how they learn it.  I don't know if either of them is heading to college, and if they are, they could start now taking CLEP tests and probably could go ahead and enroll in some college classes ... something else to think about.  I may just hand the problem of my son's handwriting over to him and let him come up with some kind of plan.  I may get him to watch the dysgraphia videos on Youtube himself.  I think maybe he'd remember it better if it was his plan.  Hmmm.

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