Sunday, January 20, 2013

At home.

We're stuck at home again today, until my husband gets home from work with the car and then I have to go to the grocery.  We seem to be out of all the good stuff again.  :-)  In an attempt to counteract all the fattening stuff we've been eating through the holidays, yesterday I attempted to make a 14 vegetable soup.  I read somewhere that you should eat a large variety of vegetables every week, the article says 14 different types a week is optimal, so I put that many in my soup.  I started with a can of V8 which has beets, tomatoes, watercress, lettuce, parsley and carrots, then added my own actual carrots, potatoes, beets (I put in beets because my son said that they were an "Olympic super food"), corn, onions, green beans, peas, great northern beans plus a bit of hamburger meat (for flavor, as a seasoning) and some water, onion salt and garlic salt.  It was excellent.  I made a big old pot of it yesterday and today it's already gone.  The only trouble is, when I made my vegetable list, I accidentally counted the beets twice.  So it was a 13 vegetable soup.  This time at the grocery, I'll try to get some other things, to try and add as much nutrition as possible.  Since this pot disappeared so very quickly, I think I'll make another one sometime this week.  Right  now I am trying to make a meal plan and a grocery list so I'll be prepared when I finally do get my car back. 

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