Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday, the end of a long week.

Last week, both kids procrastinated until late on Friday and one of them was so late that he ended up with extra chores on the weekend.  It was actually kind of nice for me in a way, because he got the spring cleaning started and it really needed to be done.  This Friday, everyone was done at a decent hour, I'm not sure exactly when because I took a nap yesterday, but they were done when I woke up.  My week did not go all that well.  Things happened.  It is the anniversary of the week my Dad passed away and also the week of his birthday and I've been kind of emotional.   Then my mom was having problems with her back and I had to take her to the pain management clinic, which I always dread terribly because it takes.  so.  long.   On the way there, I experienced some pretty severe road rage at a driver who kept blowing his horn at me.  I felt absolutely murderous.  Then, on Thursday, I went to the funeral home fully intending to go to the funeral on Friday (forgetting that I wouldn't have a car.)  Then later on Thursday I went to the children's hospital to hold the babies.  I had considered not going, because I was already tired and extremely stressed and crabby,  but my daughter told me to go.  She knows how it soothes me.  It worked wonders.  I just felt  content on Friday and had a good day.  Oh how I wish I could fit in going more often.  :-).  I've been perusing the hospital's job listings in the hope that I could get a job there and get to see the babies more often and get away from this annoying job that I have, (win-win),  but so far, no luck.  One of the jobs I'm going to apply for actually requires the degree that I have, a B.S. in Child and Family Studies.  Can you believe that?  I mean, nothing ever requires that degree.  It's been totally useless to me in the years that I have had it, but it might come in handy now.  If you see a big dust cloud in the sky next week, you'll know they are blowing the dust off my old transcript so they can send it to me.  It's been a while, shall we say?

Also this week, I've been reading a totally fascinating book recommended by a fellow blogger at The Common Room (see the sidebar for a link).  It's The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and it explains what we do and how we do it.  I'm looking to change my poor eating and exercising habits into good ones and possibly even change into a good housekeeper (that might require a genie instead of a book!) but it is really some interesting reading.  I'll try and give a better review later on.  It has really got me thinking.

So anyway that's my weekly summary.   It's Saturday and since hospitals don't close on the weekends, I've got to work. 

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