Thursday, January 31, 2013

A leetle bit tired.

Today was kind of a long day.  We had dentist appointments this morning and that took about an hour, then we had to meet a notary to sign about a billion forms for our refinance.  Then, we came home and I had about half an hour or so to get ready for my volunteer shift.  I worked pretty hard on behalf of the babies tonight.  A lot of them were not big and easily picked up and rocked, so I spent a lot of time on my feet, holding pacifiers, patting backs and holding hands.  It's funny how letting them curl their whole hand around my index finger will calm them, sometimes when I just start talking to them while trying to gown up and santitize, they will quieten.  It's pretty cool.  I also suspect that all that standing is good for me, since I have such a sedentary job.  It is a little tiring though.

The kids did school on their own as usual.  I spent some time answering questions about homeschooling and talking about homeschooling with both the dental hygienist and the notary.   

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