Monday, January 14, 2013

He made it.

My son made it to southern Mississippi, almost 600 miles from here, by himself yesterday, despite having never driven more than about 25 miles at a time, despite having a cold and despite it raining almost the whole day.  He said that it had been a long, rainy, sniffy day and that probably sums it up, but he made it.   He's got 1/2 a year of college now, kind of.  They do trimesters and he's halfway through the second trimester.  At the end of this one, in February, he will have completed 19 credit hours and then in May, about 29 or 30.   In a way, it feels good to have a kid in college, making good grades, because now, no one can doubt our homeschooling, or if they want to doubt it, they have to work a little harder at it.  Homeschooling works.

In a twist on the way things usually work, my son went back to school with dirty laundry as our dryer wasn't working.  My husband can get it to work if he closes the door really hard, but we didn't realize that was the problem before my son left.

The rest of us are hanging in there.  My husband and the younger 2 kids have also got the cold and I don't.  Despite some of us feeling in various stages of under the weather, me and the kids thoroughly enjoyed our off day yesterday, stuck home without a car (because my son's is broken down, he took my husband's car to school and my husband had to take mine to work), with it raining and it just seemed like a good day to stay in.  Plus, my son was calling to check in every 200 miles and I didn't want to miss any of those calls.  So we watched Monk and then Harry Potter and played the Sims and crocheted and knitted and made cupcakes and just hung out.  It was great.  I also got quite a bit of housework done, in between the goofing off sessions and that is how I enjoyed my first free day since maybe Thanksgiving? .  It was nice.   

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