Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting back to our routines.

We're trying anyway, to get back to our normal routines, after the holidays.  The kids had almost a month off school, so some of their math skills were a little rusty and right before the holidays they were asking me if they could shorten things, like 'can we just do one chemistry" or "can we just do one grammar" and I said yes because it was before the holidays and I had a lot going on, but now it seems that they are trying to stick to the new lowered levels of work and although I am more of a believer in unschooling as the years go on, I do want to make sure that we have the most basic things, math and literacy covered and covered well, so I am going to have to take another look at grammar, writing, spelling and other things, especially for the youngest boy who is dyslexic and dysgraphic.  I want him to be able to somehow overcome these issues and be literate to the best of his ablity.  The girl has just naturally learned to spell and punctuate from reading and from the basic grammar lessons we've done over the years, but the boy has not.  The wait and see method worked for him with his reading, his vocabulary is really incredible (this is supposedly a good indicator of future success.) and he's excellent at math.  He's very intelligent, but cannot write an intelligible sentence without some editing from a non-dyslexic family member.  Does anyone have any curriculum suggestions for this?  I get most of my help/advice from a yahoo group  called homeschooling creatively and I need to see what they recommend for grammar/spelling, etc.

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