Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We are really enjoying these live theater productions lately.  A new family has joined our homeschool group and they participate in a theater group which has classes and rehearsals for the kids.  Yesterday's production of Fiddler on the Roof was very, very good and was performed by children and young adults from about 12 to 18.  A few of the littler boys looked quite funny in their full long beards but the acting was good, the singing was good and the dancing was good.  Because of that new family, this is the third play we've seen lately.  We saw "White Christmas" and "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" in December and now this one.  They are going to do several others that I'd like to see as well and my kids agree.  I kind of thought youngest son might not enjoy it, but he enjoyed it very much as well, and, it was educational.  My friend did a little class beforehand, just to give the context and a little 1905 Russian history.  Afterwards, since it was a nice day, 60 degrees, a few of us went to the park and let our big kids play on the playground.  They had a ball and we moms enjoyed sitting outside and talking. It was nice for it to be warm for a change.  That's over now.  :-P

Speaking of warmth, my son in Mississippi is having a nice time.  Apparently the weather is always pretty warm there.  There are palm trees on the campus.  He is having a very busy trimester.  He told me yesterday that he had learned to play bass guitar and was going to play bass at a concert tonight that his friend's band is putting on.  I said "when did you learn to play bass" and he said "today."  He says that the bass is way easier than the regular guitar that he's been playing for several years.  Hopefully, he will get someone to film at least a snippet of the performance with their phone, so I can show grandma.  She will be thrilled that her grandson is following in granddad's footsteps.  It is especially poignant to think of granddaddy today, which would have been his 83rd birthday. 


Amy said...

After about three years of having season tickets to the LU Theater, this was the first year mom didn't give them to us......and I've really missed it! I can't believe that we haven't been to the first play this year. Ashley has gone to a few, but not me or Alli. Will definitely have to plan to go to their season fianle.....Tarzan! That should be really good.

Fatcat said...

Yeah, Tarzan sounds awesome!


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