Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy Second Day Of January.

I wasn't ready for the new year yesterday, but today maybe I am.  My friend's husband is off of the ventilator and doing quite a bit better, I took my mom to the pain clinic today and hopefully she will feel better.  My car is still not running, but maybe the part will be here for it tomorrow.   My Christmas gifts from my gift cards are starting to trickle in.  I'm feeling just a little bit better today. 

We're still not doing any school around here.  The oldest is home for Christmas break until next week sometime and is car shopping with my husband.  I'm doing my things and working and the 2 younger kids who really aren't all that young anymore are just hanging out, doing their own thing.  My daughter just finished knitting a beautiful scarf and now she's not sure what project to start next.    I went to the grocery store and bought a holiday mad libs book for half price and we had some fun coming up with nouns, adverbs and adjectives to write in those.  They are so funny.  They have a lot of things from Christmas carols in them, and we made up songs like "Adrian Monk is Coming to Town" and "We wish you a mean Christmas and a bouncy new year, happy tidings we bring to you and your feet" 

As you can tell, they're quite catchy.  :-)

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