Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And yet ...

I was pondering whether to clean the bathrooms tonight or wait until tomorrow.  While I was thinking about this, I was doing a bit of laundry and going back and forth through the house.  My youngest son had started making himself some pancakes during the beginning of my wanderings.  When I came back into the kitchen, my daughter was standing over the pancake pan, spatula in hand and she asked me what she should do for her cleaning today, the part that counts as school.  I said, "Hey, why don't you get the bathrooms?"  She said that she doesn't do bathrooms, which is true, (but its also true that I use my bathroom cleaning as leverage sometimes, so it's all good).  My youngest son remarked that when he gets his own house, he will not clean his bathrooms, he'll just invite his sister over and then start cleaning them but doing it obviously wrong and she will fall for this and clean the bathrooms for him.  She said  "That won't work.".  He grinned at me, while leaning lazily against the kitchen counter and said "And yet, I'm not making my own pancakes right now. ;-)


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Amy said...

OMG....he's a hoot!


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