Saturday, February 02, 2013

Same old thing.

The kids were late getting their school work done again this Friday.  It was 11:00 p.m. which I suppose is better than last week, but still, not great.  I've got to decide how much I care about this, before enforcing any discipline.  With teens, its complicated because they are growing up and they need to be responsible for themselves.  I completely understand this wish to procrastinate because, although I do my work in a timely manner now, in the not so distant past, we had something at our house called 'invoice weekend' when I had to turn in my work invoice to get paid and I was behind and trying to make up in 2 days what I should have been doing all week.  In my defense though, sometimes it is very hard to get work done around here.  People are always calling on the phone, the dogs are always wanting in or out, the kids, once they get up are wanting to talk, or they surround me when they are both doing lessons on their computers, etc.  So anyway, I understand what my teens are going through.  Too many good books to read and fun things to do to do school, right?  but they are getting it done and they are doing good work, despite sliding under the finish line at the very last second every single week.

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