Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Trying Tuesday.

I'm trying to ignore the election coverage today which is definitely easier since most of the time we don't have any TV stations that we can receive, so we're out of the TV habit.  The temptation to turn it on and look at the static, is just not very strong.  I hate what politics is doing to everyone, making them all crabby and hateful, at least on the internet, so I'm trying to avoid Facebook too.  Mostly.  I have talked with my oldest son a little bit on there, because that's the quickest way to get an answer from him, besides the phone and we all know I'm not that fond of phones.

My niece's birthday scarf.
I'm trying to get my work done, despite the fact that I feel pretty awful.  I finally went to the doctor yesterday for this latest urinary tract infection and apparently it was pretty bad.  I'm on antibiotics now but I don't feel better yet.

And lastly, the kids are trying to get their school work done in a timely manner today, despite not being really in the mood to do it.  I know what that's like.

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