Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not spam!!!!!

I just realized with a little help from my bloggy buddy Amy that I have had all kinds of good genuine comments from friends going to the blogger spam folder.  I had no idea!  Now today I've had so much fun going back and reading everyone's comments for the last month or so.  Thanks you all for reading and thank you all for commenting and for being my blog friends.  I appreciate having my own little outlet for my thoughts, opinions and ideas.

I am having a problem with blogger in that they say I have used up all my picture space on Picasa and will now have to pay for pictures to be placed on my blog, so I have been using old pictures from the blog, but I'd really like to publish some pictures of the latest crochet and art projects and  things like that, but I can't.  I may have to go to another blog hosting service.  Blah.

This is a recycled photo from last November.


Amy said...

Just checking......did this one post?

Fatcat said...

It did go to the spam folder and I got it out and published it. Hopefully, it will soon learn what is and what is not spam.

Apparently I do have a lot of spam comments about shoes, mostly. :-)


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