Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yesterday was a good,

long, a little bit tiring day.  I did my transcription work and then went off to my volunteer job, holding babies at the neonatal intensive care unit at the children's hospital.  It was a little crazy last night.  Usually, I keep pretty busy with periods of nothing to do interspersed, but this time, I got there and there was a little guy fussing and then the little girl next to him would cry.  I'd get him to sleep, then her, then him, then her for 4 hours straight with neither of them sleeping more than about 15 minutes.  It turns out that both of them are fighting drug addictions.  It's so sad, but the babies are so sweet and I am glad to help them.  I would like to go more often.  I'm actually a little tempted to go back to school and get some kind of nursing assistant training so that I could work there.  I have been doing the same job for 18 years now.  It might be time for a change.  This empty nest thing has kind of got me running scared and thinking about reinventing/restructuring my life.  I've got 3 1/2 years until my youngest child is an adult!  I've been a homeschooling mom/medical transcriptionist for a long time.  It's hard to imagine that we're almost done homeschooling.  (!).  I, of course, am in favor of adopting a couple more kids and starting all over, but my husband does not seem to want to.  :-(

Meanwhile, my mind is on how to get my son home from Mississippi and how to get all the Thanksgiving festivities scheduled in and can you believe that it is really time to start Christmas shopping ... and lots of other things.  Right now though, I really should get to work on my medical transcription lines for today.  Blah. 

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Freakmom said...

You totally should pursue the nursing assistant education since you love doing that! Ask at the hospital you volunteer at, they may even have a scholarship program or a free tuition if you work there so long afterward program.


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