Friday, November 02, 2012

What I did on my day off.

I did not do much cleaning. (Is anyone surprised?)  I did make the banana bread and I made scalloped potatoes.  I left my husband to cook the rest of dinner and he did a good job.  He made pork tenderloin and green beans to go with the potatoes.  It was yummy.  Afterwards, I saw on Facebook that yesterday was Men Make Dinner Day so that worked out.

I made no phone calls.  (Again, is anyone surprised?

Friend's daughter's baby pics are on Facebook.  I still feel old.

I didn't add to the kids schoolwork.  I read this this morning and it made me feel better.  Maybe we should just leave them alone ...

I mailed the treat package.  I have had no inspiration regarding getting him home.  He will be done with school for this trimester when he turns in a paper on Tueday.  (On benefits of homeschooling ... I hope I get to read it.!)  Then after Tueday, he has until the following Monday before he starts classes again, then 5 days of classes then Thanksgiving break for about 10 days.  They really didn't plan this schedule for kids who live far away and might want to maximize time off by lumping it together and having ample time to travel home.

Anyway, back to yesterday.  Such excitement.  I tell you.  I went to check on my mom to see how she's doing with her cold symptoms, then went to check on her sister.  Her sister is having a horrible time with rheumatoid arthritis right now and so I went and got groceries for her, picked up my mom's prescriptions at the same time, delivered the groceries, delivered the pill dispenser, came home and watched "The Mentalist" before reading Brotherband Chronicles book 1 with the kids and then going to bed.

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