Thursday, November 29, 2012

My new diet.

I'm trying now to follow the anti-interstitial cystitis diet, which, let me tell you, is kind of crazy.  I started out trying to do an elimination diet, where you only eat about 10 different things for a week and then add in things and watch your symptoms and that way you can tell what's triggering the discomfort.  But I just couldn't see myself living for a week on turkey, lettuce, peeled potatoes with nothing on them, rice and yams.  I guess I could and it may come to that, but I decided to go about it from the other direction and look up the top worst offenders and try to eliminate those. 

I found this list that has a bunch of the worst.
Fruit juices.

Also implicated are
Artifical food colorins
Sugar, vinegar and other foods that promote yeast overgrowth.

I strongly suspect that the reason I've felt so horrible is that I got glutened the other day when I went for mom's day out although the nurse practitioner I saw yesterday said that gluten had nothing to do with it.  

So anyway, this morning, I'm coffee free and tea free.  Those are my biggies but I'm willing to give them up if it will make me feel better.  Surprisingly, I haven't (yet) gotten a headache from going without my caffeine. 

In the rest of life, oldest son called last night and he's doing fine.  The younger 2  are busy with school and my husband and I are off work today. 

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