Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good stuff.

My son is going to get to come home for Thanksgiving.  That's exciting.  I can't wait to see him.  August 24 has been a long time, although we've kept in touch on Facebook and stuff, it's not the same and it really hasn't been enough.  We need to get the video chats regularly scheduled and possibly we might need to go someplace with faster internet.  This is definitely something we need to make sure and do.  The kids have always been extraordinarily close and I don't want that to end or have their relationships strained by distance.  If oldest gets a car which he is thinking about doing, then he should be able to come home more often.  I really hope so.  

He also got his grade reports and he got a 3.3 grade point average.  I'm very happy with that.  He needed to keep at least 2.0 to keep his scholarship and 3.0 to keep his good student discount on the car insurance.  So yay. 

This is very good because really we have been some pretty relaxed homeschoolers and he was kind of a difficult student for a while, but he's grown up now and doing well.  :-)

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