Thursday, November 08, 2012

School work.

I'm doing my part in helping the kids get their school work done, that is, nagging them about it.  It's very helpful, I'm sure.  My daughter would like to figure out a way to do math while crocheting or reading.  I think my youngest son may have already figured that out, at least his version.  He's listening to an audiobook while doing school.  At least I hope he's doing school. (He went to do it, but he gets distracted.)  We are working on exactly how to get oldest son home for college.  He's going to be riding to Memphis with a friend, but when he'll get there we don't know.  We don't want to presume upon his friend's kindness too much by having him take son to the Greyhound bus station at midnight.  We're waiting now for our son to try and nail down a time so we can get bus tickets.  Or we may just go get him.  Around this time of year, flights and bus tickets go up in price, which is kind of annoying especially since gas prices have gone down. 

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