Monday, May 26, 2008

Yes, it is a holiday, but no, we're not taking the day off.

My youngest son and I just had this conversation. We need to get these school days done, so we're going to do it now and get it overwith. I'm printing the lists and we're going for it this week. Next week we'll be switching the way we do things a little. My oldest son is going to take the American History CLEP in June or July (they won't let us know the exact date yet, which is annoying!) and so he's going to put away his other subjects for a bit and study American History and the other 2 will be working most on the areas they need the most help in. Over the summer, we are going to do some geography read-alouds as soon as I figure out which ones and that will help us get some hours in to finish out this year and get a start on next years hours.

Some homeschoolers count things like church, 4H etc. as school but I don't. I count the all-day field trips that we do with the homeschool group as school days, but the 4H and everything that's after school is just extracurricular. If I counted those hours, we'd probably be way over, but since I don't, we are still doing school. We'll just go to our modified schedule next week and play it by ear from there, depending on when the CLEP test gets scheduled.

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