Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday and the TV schedule.

We're doing the Monday schedule every day this week. The reason is that the Monday schedule has an hour of cleaning instead of an hour of exercise for the kids. Cleaning is kind of exercise-y isn't it? We've been decluttering, sweeping, mopping, carrying decluttered items to the car, etc. That's all physical kind of stuff, so really, it counts. I'm not sure how educational it is, but everyone needs to know how to clean up after themselves, right?

The new TV and video schedule is working pretty well. My oldest son actually LIKES it, can you believe that? He and I had a discussion yesterday about how he tends to want to be 'plugged in' all the time and now he can't and he's enjoying getting outdoors and doing other things, playing his guitar and reading more. They are all following it well without really complaining. It's nice and it is so much easier to keep up with than 3 individual TV/video/computer schedules. All devices can be on at particular times of day and must be off the rest of the time. Period. When I started doing this, I had different hours for different days of the week. Now they're all the same with the exception of Saturday when they get more time for Saturday morning cartoons, which is very important to my youngest.


Mrs. Darling said...

Yep I changed my kids TV watching too and it working out exceptionally well. Good luck.

:)De said...

Getting close to the end is always rough for us... everyone is so distracted with the count down that the work is not getting done as fast:)Congrats on your success with the TV schedule. What's your summer schedule looking like?



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