Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TV/Video War Update.

This is what our house looks like from our street. Do you see it? I could see the van beside the house when I took the picture, but I can't see it now.

This is a turtle my youngest found.

It's going okay. There has not been as much whining as I expected. I have modified the schedule a little bit. It still seems a bit too lenient to me and a bit too strict to them, but I think we're all okay with it really. It's easier for me to keep up with than 3 kids individual schedules and makes it easier for me to know if someone has gone over the time limits. They've done much more playing outside in the past few days; they've gotten out games and toys and beads and art supplies that they haven't played with in a while. I didn't mean to let the games take over, but we've been so busy lately that for the last 3-4 weeks before this schedule was implemented, we had been going places and when we came home, I would try desperately to try and catch up with work and they'd turn on the TV and the games.

Now our schedule is lightening up somewhat. Awana is done. I told the homeschool group that as much as I love field trips, I'm getting kind of tired of them right now. It turns out they were kind of feeling the same way, so we postponed a couple of things until fall. We have the last 4H meeting (I think) on Wednesday and then we'll be done with that too. We will have some park days with the homeschool group this summer, going to the pool and skating but hopefully the pace will be a little bit easier.

I realized how much I've been sitting this winter yesterday when we were out walking. I'm out of shape, even for me, so we've decided to add a daily walk to our routine. We went out and walked a mile or so this morning and we're going to try to do it all the time. If blogger lets me upload, there will be pictures of this mornings walk at the top of this post. If not, well, you know what happened.


Amy said...

Ummm...see the van? I can't even see your house! Ha! I need to start taking walks again too!!

sunshineperri said...

I took the steps at the library yesterday, only 2 flights. The top of my legs are sore!!! I didn't realize I was that out of shape. That's all I can really remember doing!!!
So saad,but so true.
I didn't see house or van.


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