Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not Much.

I can never think of a title. I can't say that we did anything of all that much importance today. We did a little school, a little work. I had a doctor's appointment in Louisville and was gone about 2 hours and 20 minutes - one hour to drive there, one hour to drive back and 20 minutes total office, parking garage and elevator time. It went well. We did school when I came back. Right in the middle of the unit on Eastern Europe, the publisher of the study has thrown in some chemistry, so we went out back on the deck and blew a few things up. ;-) We mixed vinegar and baking soda and blew the lid off of a bowl. It didn't work as well as it does in a film canister, but we didn't have any of those since all our cameras are digital now. I need to find some before our science day at the park on June 2, so we can do alka-seltzer rockets - always fun. Here are our water molecule models from yesterday.

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Amy said...

Love the models...sounds like y'all had some fun learning time!


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