Thursday, May 15, 2008

Would you?

We go to Baskin Robbins on their annual 31 cents scoop night and occasionally we go on dollar scoop night on Tuesdays, but I am way too cheap to pay their regular price. Tonight, we drove by there on the way to the skating rink. Youngest son asked me this question. "If you found a lottery ticket and it wasn't used and you won a bunch of money, would you take us to Baskin Robbins tonight?"



Amy said...

He sounds like a Hoot....this youngest of yours! ;-) Don't you just love to hear all their creative imaginings!!

And YES, of course we'd get ice cream! ;-) You sound just like me though about going on 31 cent days & dollar days......I'm 'cheap' like that too. Ha!

Juno said...

LOL That sounds like something my kids would ask!



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