Friday, August 01, 2014

Keeping busy busy.

In the evenings this week, we have been keeping busy helping our friends move into their new house.  We've been painting and clearing some debris and a few other minor things.  It doesn't seem like we are doing a whole lot when we are there, but I figure last night if the 5 of us who went, did even 1 hour of work while talking and visiting, that was 5 hours of work that they don't have to do, which is pretty significant.  I didn't do that much, but I know all 3 of my kids were working pretty steadily and my husband did some consulting on their AC unit that was helpful.  Unfortunately, it had some issues that couldn't be easily fixed, but it's always good to have someone look at it and decide if you really do need professional help.  Its much better not to pay a professional to come out to the house (paying for a house call) and tell you you just needed to turn it on.  :-P

I did something that made me feel like a great mom yesterday.  My youngest son did not get quite enough money for his birthday to buy what he most wanted, a Nintendo 3DS, even used, so he was saving and saving and we kept going on intelligence gathering missions to Gamestop so he could check out prices.  Then yesterday, someone on one of the homeschool loops that I am on, offered one for sale for about half the regular price.   I was the first one to respond and so today my husband is going to go pay for it and pick it up as it is near his work.  Woot, woot.  :-)

I went to see my mom on Wednesday evening and took my oldest son and we took some more pictures and a bookshelf for her room and made it look a bit more homey.  I am working on this gradually as we have small vehicles now and it's just easier.  I am down there 2-3 times a week, so if I take something each time, it works out well.  Me and my kids also went to mom's old house and began the tedious and sad process of cleaning it out.  We didn't do a whole lot, but sometimes, just getting started helps.  After our friend's get moved in, they have promised to come help us with mom's house.  Love my homeschool friends!

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