Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday, August is almost over.

I kind of can't believe that August is almost over, but since this summer has been kind of a bust without my beloved pool and my beloved air-conditioned vehicle, I'm pretty much over it and ready for cooler weather. I usually dearly love summer, but not as much this year.  I loved having my oldest son home, but I felt bad all summer long and not having a good vehicle kind of keeps one from going as many places as they ordinarily would.  My oldest son started school on Monday and we should have too, but I've had a back spasm this week and every chance I get, I've been lying down with heat on my back, so I haven't done any lesson plans.  Last night, I told my daughter to do it.  She'll get him started today.  My husband was also present for this conversation and is now preparing to get the math started.  So there. It's a family operation with the head girl moving up to an assistant teacher position.

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