Friday, August 22, 2014

Big day at the fair.

There was a variety show and therefore a crowd most of the day.

Sale tables.

A random large pumpkin. That's what's great about the state fair.

My daughter's blanket, class champion.  :-)  My son's terrarium won a red ribbon, but the picture I got of it disclosed too much personal information.  I may edit it and post it later.  :-)

It was a long day, but it was a pretty good day.  We had a good location for our sales tables and there was a variety show going on most of the day, which was entertaining most of the time.  There were a couple of off key singers and it made it hard to hear my daughter sometimes, but most of it was pretty good.  There were some that were absolutely awesome, some singers I won't be surprised if they make it big in the future.  At one point a choir started singing the star spangled banner without any real introduction (or we may have just not been paying attention) but when everyone started realizing what the song was and standing up and stopping talking and removing their hats, it was really pretty cool.   My daughter and a couple of the girls who were new to the sale this year bonded over knowing all the words to a bunch of the songs, stuff from Disney movies and old musicals.  It was fun.  Neither my daughter or I had had much sleep before going so we were very, very tired and a bit giggly.  The first funny moment was when I got out of the car, picked up my 47 things I had to carry in and almost face planted into a fence.  Then later, when I was in the bathroom, a dog came into the stall with me.  A lot of people bring their dogs to the Kentucky State Fair.  I spent most of the day people watching.

When I got home, I went to sleep in my clothes and slept 11 1/2 hours.  :-)  My daughter went to sleep before I did and is still sleeping.

We still have a bunch of tickets so we may go to the fair another day as well just to walk around.  We'll see.  We won't stay so many hours though.  Whew.

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