Thursday, August 28, 2014

Steps toward feeling better ...

 First some pictures of my son's new on-campus apartment.  It's nice isn't it?

Now onto my steps to feeling better .... oh how I hope so.  I went and had an intravenous iron infusion yesterday to help with my anemia, which has gotten pretty darn severe.  It was really not very invasive.  I have easy veins according to every nurse I've ever discussed this with and so it's not very traumatic for me to get an IV.  It lasted about half an hour and I will be having them once a week for the next few weeks.  Afterwards I was planning to go see my mom, but it was (according to the bank clock by the hospital) 105 degrees and the vehicle I am having to drive right now is not air conditioned and I felt really horrible, so I went home instead.  I'll go today, starting from home.  It stormed yesterday and hopefully is not as hot today.
We have not started school yet and hope to this afternoon.  I realize I am terrible this year, but 3 or 4 days does not make that much difference in the long run.  This is our 11th year of homeschooling and we are pretty relaxed about it now, especially with this one kid who only needs a few more things to graduate.  :-)

Some of my drawings are going into frames in preparation for a showing in November.

I got to see the sunrise the other morning on my way to the doctor's office.  Yes, I took this while driving, but I was totally alone on the road as you can see and I slowed down.  I love barns and this one looks pretty with the fog and the sunrise.

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