Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Long day. Whew.

I got up at 6:15 yesterday, early for me, since I generally don't go to bed until past midnight.  I drove an hour to pick up mom, an hour to take her to the pain clinic, sat at the pain clinic for a couple of hours (they are getting better with their times) and then took her home and came home myself.  Count them.  Four hours in the car.  I don't generally spend 4 hours in a vehicle in a day unless it is vacation.  Then when we got home, my friend who is moving, had posted on Facebook that they were going to have the truck there to move some more things in in about an hour.  So I wolfed down some lunch, changed clothes due to an unfortuate milkshake incident while with mom  (I spilled it on myself, okay?) then went to help move.  I was not much help.  We had a bunch of teens, including 2 of mine, helping and they have the routine down pretty well at this point, so I mostly sat and directed some traffic.  Then we went to a very, very long 4H meeting regarding the 4H small business's participation in the Kentucky State Fair.  We didn't get home until almost 9:00 p.m.. I was a tired mama.  When I say that, tired, sore, exhausted, sick ... now, I never mean that I feel as bad as I did before I went gluten free.  I pretty much always feel better than that.

As to how the shot worked for mom, the jury is still out.  This is a diagnostic procedure to see if something in this area would help her and it will wear off.  If it does work, then she will have the nerve in her back cauterized.  She's has this done before and it's not as huge of a procedure as it sounds like.  It is still done in the office.  I hope we can get her pain free.  :-/

This is a drawing I was doing at the clinic.  I have found that the time passes so much more quickly and less stressfully when I am coloring.  Often I will use a wet paintbrush to blend colors but I didn't have a wet paintbrush.  However, they did leave me sitting alone for half an hour in a room with a sink, so I decided to be even more creative and use a wet paper towel to blend colors, which resulted in the big red smear at the top of the page.  I drew flowers yesterday, again, but I am feeling the need to start branching out a little.  I may literally draw branches ...just something a little different.  We'll see.

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