Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This is what the watermelon looked like when we cut it open.  Is it just me or is that interesting?

We went yesterday and began cleaning out mom's house.  She was not exactly a hoarder and her house always was clean and nice, but she sure did have a lot of stuff.  She kept Christmas cards and birthday cards and get well cards and church bulletins and old check registers and I think there was a Sears credit card from the 70s.  Anyway, that's going to be a job.

I went to the lawyer's office about some more of the paperwork and one of the lawyers on staff may call me.  We'll see.  We wanted to do a quit claim deed on mom's house to transfer it into our names, temporarily while we are selling it but apparently no one knows how to do this and no one has the paperwork.  I asked at the county clerk's office where the record the deeds, but even they are uninformed.  Odd, I think.

Also I took my daughter to get her hair thinned and they took a couple of pounds off, but no inches.  It is still just as long now but thinner.  I had hoped that this would help with her headaches, but as of last night, it hadn't.  It did help once before.  Oh well.  I also made her a doctor's appointment on Friday and we will also get an eye exam just to rule that out.

Today, I need to clean up my house a little (or a lot), finish working, pick up a 4H T-shirt and I don't know what else because I left my list in my purse.  I'm list driven.  :-)  I'll get it in a few minutes and make sure so that I don't miss anything.  I'll probably go see mom today.  

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