Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting some things done.

I have gotten some of my things that I needed to do done this week and I have been able to do some things for others, which always seems more fun and satisfying for some reason.  One of the families in our homeschool group is moving and we have been helping them a little with some painting, loaning them my son's dorm fridge and keeping them company while they paint.  I don't know how important that is, but we've enjoyed spending time with them.  I've also really enjoyed getting some things checked off my list this week.  I met with a Realtor about my mom's house and it is worth about what I thought it would be.  He and I bonded over Alzheimer's because his mom had it as well and he was very nice.  Now I absolutely  have to start moving some things out of her house.  It's heartbreaking, but now that she is in a nicer place, I feel better about it, somehow.  Almost anything is worth it to me to keep her where she is.  I don't want any of us to have to go through the trauma of moving her again.  With that in the back of my mind, I also want to start moving a few more pictures and things there to make her room more homey.  I am also going to try and do that today although with my Suburban out of commission, my furniture moving abilities are very limited.

Anyway, we do what we can.  Schools are getting ready to go back around here, but we are not.  We are going to start school for my youngest after his brother goes back to school.  We are doing one school-ish type thing.  I had always wanted to order a history kit from Hands and Hearts, but never had because I'm always a bit short of money.  Well, recently I found out that they are going out of business at least temporarily due to their son's poor health and also that they had separated the ancient coin kits from the rest of the history kit and just the coin was not expensive, so I bought one and my youngest 2 kids are restoring a coin from the Roman Empire.  How cool is that?   I'll take a picture and show it to ya'll as soon as it stops looking like a circular piece of dirt.  :-)

So since I don't have pictures of anything else we've been doing this week, here are some art journal pages.

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