Thursday, March 01, 2012

We were.

We were right in the middle of a bunch of tornadic activity yesterday.  My mom had a doctor's appointment so we started to go to it (I didn't know about the tornados at that time, just the storm) and we got about halfway there and my cell phone rang.  It was my son telling me that my aunt had called and that the appointment was cancelled, but then after we got back home, my aunt called and asked why we weren't at the appointment?  Apparently there was some kind of mix up in the bunch of phone calls, but at the end there was me uncharacteristically telling off the receptionist, who was denying to me that they had cancelled the appointment and said that they just wanted to see if we were coming.  I said, not nicely, that if I had been going to cancel I would have called.  I really think it was one of those things where a bunch of workers in an office like that get a bunch of cancellations and they think "oh wow, if just one more person cancels, we can all go home!" and then someone called my aunt (who was going to accompany mom at the appointment while I went back home and finished work) and tried to talk her into cancelling and then my aunt or one of my sons, the one who took the call or the one who phoned me, got a message mixed up.  I don't know.  It was crazy.  While I was gone the work in the typing pool dried up and I ended up not getting enough work yesterday.  Very frustrating.

In other news, we did have a bunch of tornados around us but no damage here.  One of my Facebook friends had to spend half an hour in a bank vault and the school kids had to spend quite a bit of time sitting in the halls.  My school kids went about their work, timing things like showers and puddle jumping between storms.

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