Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On the road again.

Yesterday was a nice day of staying home pretty much all day.  I did go see my mom, but she's only 3 miles away so I'm not counting that.  She and I played a game of UpWords and she beat me for the second time in a row, but that's still a restful kind of game and it was a restful kind of day.  Other than work, of course.  I always, always, always have to work.  I considered letting the kids take the week off and get the spring cleaning done but one of the kids (guess which one?) had already done a lot of his/her school work yesterday afternoon when I mentioned this so we didn't do it, but we are ahead this year and the spring cleaning bug has been biting me (this is very unpleasant) and I think next week we might do it. 

Today, we've got to go to 4H and someone else is teaching the lesson so I always like that.  I feel like I am coming down with the cold though, so I might have to make the decision to stay home due to possible contagion.  We will see.  I'm using Cold-Eeze zinc lozenges and I believe I feel better than I did last night.

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