Monday, March 26, 2012

I guess it was

a busy-enough weekend that it left me no time to blog!  Truth is, I opened blogger a couple of times over the weekend, but just didn't have much to blog about.  Compared to last weekend, it was very relaxed.  Saturday, the girl and I went to a women's luncheon and then she went with her Mamaw and her cousin to Michael's crafts to spend some of her Christmas gift card money.  (While I got to come home and do medical transcription!)  She came home with pom-pom yard and knitting needles.  it seems that Mamaw had taught her to knit.  Yesterday was a pretty good Sunday because we had choir practice and that terrible, awful, scary duet that I had been worrying about so much got changed into a sextet and now I don't have to sing my part alone.  It's a very difficult song and I'm not really a soprano so it's really, really, really, really high for me.  As you can imagine by the number of reallys in that last sentence, it did not sound good.  :-P    

It is 9:30 on Monday morning and I have not decided whether we are going to do school this week or if we are going to do spring cleaning.  I'm leaning towards the cleaning.  I'd better decide soon because the teens will be up soon and anxious to get some work done.  (Ha ha, did you see that funny I made there!?)  (Yeah, right.)  We have 154 days of school in this year and so we are in a really good position to take some time off and put the house in order so that spring cleaning bug will leave me alone.  I do intend for the kids to do the majority of it this year because they are capable and they do not have jobs that the would have to take unpaid leave from, like me.  The oldest one had a job interview week before last, but I guess maybe it didn't pan out because they didn't call him.  :-(

Oh well.  Back to work for me now.

Good morning ya'll.

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