Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Math Problem.

My daughter started her math lesson and got all the way to problem 25 (actually she's ahead and it's tomorrow's lesson) and then wandered off to make everyone a grilled cheese and some French toast.  While she's gone, I'm sitting here at my computer which is right next to hers, working and when my work pauses I look over at her screen and read this problem.

"Ralph can lay down a floor tile in 5 seconds.  Bob can lay down a floor tile in 4 seconds.  If both boys work together, how many seconds would it take them to install 450 floor tiles?"

I have some additional questions.

What is Bob's phone number?

What is Ralph's phone number?

When can they come over?

I have about 400 floor tiles that need to go down and I'm pretty sure no one in this house can put one down every 4 seconds.  :-D


Diane Hurst said...

It can go pretty fast once the preparation work is done (spreading the glue on the floor). We've done tiling on floors at our house. The time consuming part is really getting the floor ready. But probably we didn't put ours down at 4 seconds each-- maybe more like 10 :)

:)De said...

and when they leave your house, can they come here? LOL

Freakmom said...

I am loving Teaching Textbooks. Yeah, definitely try to hire those boys. Are they bonded?

Shelly G said...

Just had to laugh at this and all the commentary comments! We've laid tile in our house and by no means has one ever been laid in 4 seconds. LOL


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