Saturday, March 10, 2012


Despite what I said about my son Monday morning, getting started on school early, he did it again.  He was working on school late last night and early this morning.  He didn't get enough sleep and will crash and take a nap some time this afternoon.  The clocks going forward tonight are not going to be good for him, but if he's tired, it's entirely his fault and he knows it.

We watched a couple of episodes of Monk last night and here's one of my favorite quotes from that.  He's in the laundrymat with his new Nigerian friend. 
Adrian Monk: Okay, this is how we do our laundry in America. There are your whites.
Samuel Waingaya: My whites, excellent.
Adrian Monk: Your off-whites. Your off-off-whites. There are the primary colors, red, yellow, green, blue, and that’s indigo. Left socks, right socks. I’ve labeled them for you.
Samuel Waingaya: But in Nigeria, we just wash all of our socks together.
Adrian Monk: Well, I don’t like to judge people, but that’s wrong.
I also discovered WikiQuote last night, which is a fun place to look these kind of things up to get the exact words right. Watch out, I may be sharing a favorite quote every day.  :-) 

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Karen said...

LOVE Monk. We discovered it about a year ago and watched the entire series on Netflix. I love him but he would drive me insane. :)


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