Sunday, March 04, 2012

So today ...

we have snow flurries.  As the old saying goes "So you don't like the weather here?  Wait a minute, it will change".  Or a day, anyway.   Today, the kids and I are grounded at home because my husband's backup vehicle is broken down.  Not his regular car, which has been broken down for months now, but the backup, which was supposed to be helpful now that we have 3 drivers, but now with 2 of them out, we have 3 drivers and 1 car.  Maybe it will be for only one more day.  I hate for my husband to have to work on cars AGAIN on his days off and I'm sure he does too.  It's getting very old.

So since I'm stranded at home for the next few hours and don't have to work, I think I will attempt some kind of home improvement project.  I haven't decided which one.  There are so many waiting for me to do.  :-P  I don't feel very ambitious but a day off when I don't have to work and can't drive anyone anywhere is such a rarity that I should take advantage of it.

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