Friday, March 16, 2012

A better Friday?

My husband has got the cold that oldest son had, then youngest son and then daughter had, so he's home today and he is keeping on top of the youngest to try and make him do his school work in a timely manner and not do it all late tonight and early tomorrow morning.  He's also going to take daughter to her guitar lesson today, which is weird, because since he's had to work bad work shifts (second and third) our whole marriage, I've always done 99.9% of the taking and bringing kids places.  I have felt like a single parent at times.  When the youngest was born it was not unusual for my husband to have to work 80 hours a week.  :-/

So anyway, today  I'm able to concentrate on work, trying to get it done.  I'm almost finished, thankfully and then since my husband is doing the guitar lesson, I'll be able to take a break until it's time for my oldest son and I leave for a concert tonight.

These kinds of days, even with the afternoon unexpected break were not possible when I was not gluten free.  I was too tired all the time.  

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