Tuesday, January 03, 2012

5 Good Things.

5 things that were good about today.
1.  I woke up in a better mood today.  No blahs.  This is critical to how the day turns out.  Sometimes I just have a funk wash over me and I can't seem to do much about it.  Thankfully, not today.
2.  I made vegetable soup.  It's good.  I used up a can of peas that didn't have a label on it.  I had been wondering what was in there and in the hopes that it was a vegetable, I opened it today.   That worked out.  Pineapple would have been weird in the soup. :-)
3.  The kids did their schoolwork with minimal nagging from me.  There was some nagging but not too awful much.
4.  We have finished the read aloud of the 39 Clues book that is a book that I have to read and have gotten to the next one which we have on audiobook and I can listen (and possibly fall asleep).  
5.  The mail came today and I got 2 of the books I ordered myself for Christmas.  One is a gluten free recipe book and the other is a Katie Fforde book that I haven't read yet.  I enjoy her books, which are romantic comedy. 

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:)De said...

Every once in a while we get a box of can goods donated to us and several will not have labels. The kids and I have turned it into a game of "mystery can" where every one gets a guess and then we make a big deal of opening it to see what we have. The rule is we eat it with our meal no matter what. Lets just say we have opened things that we didn't even know were canned. LOL! If they had labels...no one would open then.

good list!



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