Sunday, January 29, 2012

Impromptu History Lesson

Last night and today my youngest son has been watching This is America Charlie Brown which we have on DVD.  It's pretty interesting and informative.  I enjoy Snoopy as a wild west cowboy with a mustache. :-)    We also have The Story of Us on DVD but someone has borrowed that.  After we watched the part about the transcontinental railroad today, we took a few minutes to look at the Amtrak website and daydreamed about taking a cross country trip by rail.  That is something I'd like to experience some day.

Now screen time is over so the kids have gone outside to enjoy the sunshine.  It's really  a beautiful day for January.

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Freakmom said...

We have that DVD too, and also really like it. We have the Story of Us,but it was too much for Violet when we tried watching it. She's never been one for visual scenes, they bother her easily (she didn't even see an entire movie, even a Disney cartoon,until she was 6). I enjoyed as far as we got in the series. Maybe when she goes to college I'll finish it. :)


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