Monday, January 09, 2012

Kind of a pet peeve.

I have kind of a thing about TVs at parties.  I have been at parties where the TV is the loudest thing in the room and I can't hear the person next to me because of the TV.  I've been to Christmas dinners where the TV is left on with something inappropriate and/or scary and I've had to take my kids out of the room (when they were little).  One of the parties this Christmas season, I was at a party where the Disney channel was on with about 10 kids watching.  They are cousins and haven't seen each other in a year, probably have a lot of other things in common besides liking the Disney channel, but will they ever know?  Not if they just stare at the screen and don't talk to each other.  :-(


Lisa White said...

TV's have their place but I rarely let the children have the TV on when we have guests. As you say they know more about each other for not having it on, but it also means they have to rely on themselves for entertainment. The lesson of teaching themselves how not to be bored is an important one I think... I might just go and write a blog post about that one :)

Amy said...

Mom, Sis & I were just talking about this very thing yesterday & I was telling her about reading this post of yours. And the fact that you guys do 'screen time'.....I think that's awesome!

Freakmom said...

This was my inlaws at Thanksgiving. Violet and I finally escaped to the basement where our guest room was to get away from the noise. It was so loud and on ALL DAY LONG. And no one was watching it most of the time. They used to do the inappropriate things on too. I used to make Mr. I. tell them to change the channel. (Scary movies turned on by one member of the family, then that person would leave and not even watch it!)

Yeah, its one of my pet peeves too. LOL


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