Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Food of Champions.

My daughter and I have set a goal this year.  We want to walk a couple of 5K walks and maybe, possibly do a half marathon.  I know she could do it.  She walked about 8 miles today, but me, that's a different matter.  I did work hard to get my Presidential Active Lifestyle Award last summer and then this fall I did barely enough walking to get a reward from my insurance company,  about 20 minutes a day.  Today I wanted to buy Cheetos (my addiction) and my daughter said "You can't eat Cheetos, you're in training"  Then my youngest son said "Mom needs some Wheaties.  Or maybe Wheat-Free Wheaties."  Hmmm.  I kind of doubt they make those.  :-)


Breezy Point Mom said...

I do hope you get motivated to do that 5K this spring. You motivated me last summer, posting about the PALA like you did, and since then I am still run/walking. I am up to 2.75 miles, three mornings a week. It has changed my life! I am 48. I couldn't remember which blogger to thank, and then you posted this post today, so I know it's you. Thanks for changing the course of my life with a simple blog post! Now you get back to it - just need 3 or 4 days a week, 20-30 minutes each time. And get that heart rate up some, but do it gently. Keep us posted!

Amy said...

OMG....I should've sent you some Cheetos for Christmas. You do know that Clay works at Frito Lay. We gave big bags of scoops & salsa to the neighbors for Christmas. I love it when he can get stuff at the company store & I don't have to pay full price at Walmart for it.

Fatcat said...

Wow, I'm so excited to have helped motivate you!!!

That's cool.

Amy, if Clay wants to send some cheetos my way, I would not complain. :-)


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