Sunday, January 15, 2012

A random act of blogging.

Often, my thoughts do not gel into any kind of a coherent blog post idea.  I have a very random brain.  I work with it.  Anyway.  Here are some of my extremely random thoughts of today.

The snow is melting.  We stayed home today and the kids got to sleigh ride a tiny bit last night and for about an hour this morning.  They got to break in their new Christmas sleds so that's good.  I was afraid we'd jinxed them for no snow this winter by getting them sleds for Christmas.  :-)  Now they are back in drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream.

I've been doing housework today, which I think I should call Random Acts of Housework, because that's what it is.  I do a bit here and a bit there.  My mom used to call it "a lick and a promise" but I call it "a lick and no promises" cause, you know, I'm pretty random.

Here's a question I ask myself.  I'm watching "The Proposal"  and I wonder why in films people carry around empty coffee cups?  Okay, I can understand the potential for spillage and ruining nice movie sets and clothes, but couldn't they weight them down so they would at least look like they had something in them?   Here's another question, when the people are casting a movie do they pay any attention at all to the actor's ages when they cast them? 

And finally, there's a really interesting article on Psychology Today about Cognitive Outlaws, basically people who have learning disabilities and have learned to work around them and become very successful.  It's fascinating. 

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