Sunday, November 06, 2011

Zipping along.

This month is zipping along very quickly.  It's already the 6th.  I finally ventured out today and got some groceries.  I haven't posted much this week because I've just been working and coughing and not much else.  Youngest son took 2 days off due to the cold.  Oldest son didn't get it very bad.  My daughter still hasn't gotten it yet.  She's probably waiting for next week so she can share the experience with Dad.  :-P   I hope the rest of the family can avoid it.  It's not the worst ever, but it's not fun either.   I did up my hours at work now that I am working at home and I had hoped that it wouldn't be all that bad, but it's been kind of awful.  I feel like I am always, always at work.  Today they are begging for someone to work, but I need to keep my days off as my days off or I will be always at work.  That's one of the hazards of working at home.  Funny, the kids are home-schooled and they never, ever are tempted to do school on a Sunday afternoon.  :-P


:)De said...

How much training did you have to do before becoming certified for your job?

Fatcat said...

This has been quite a while ago, but I did a by mail correspondence course that was supposed to take 9 months but actually only took about 3 months. Then I was able to get a job in the next couple of months after I finished it. There is a test for a certification, but I have never taken it. Each job I have applied for has had an application that includes a transcription test and if you can pass that, you can get the job.


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