Friday, November 18, 2011

15 Minutes Outside, With Mom.

I mentioned reading the book about the importance of going outside a few weeks ago.  I still haven't been back to the library to re-check it.  I think this may be our longest streak in years of just not making it to the library.  We've been busy.  Anyway, last night it was finally cold enough, they said, to have our 15 minutes outside with mom in the cold, drinking hot chocolate.  It was 38 degrees.  So my daughter made hot chocolate and put an old blanket out on the porch.  Then we all got up to go out there and we had to get Lucy the outside dog, off of the blanket.  I'm sure she was thinking how thoughtful we were to put that out there for her.  So anyway, we got the dog off the blanket, sat down and she immediately re-joined us, making me spill my hot chocolate all over myself.  I yelped and told the kids (it was really too dark for them to really see me very well) and my youngest son said "Hey, at least you're warm!"  Then the dog started wagging her tail and made him spill his hot chocolate on himself.  "He was speaking to the dog's back end saying "Be sad, be sad, stop wagging your tail!", but she was undeterred.  Finally, she settled down near my daughter and we had a few moments of quiet stargazing and sipping hot chocolate.  The stars were beautiful last night.  It was fun and I'm glad we made the effort, just to stop what we were doing and go outside.


Donna said...

Sounds like a nice cozy nightime family get together. When I first saw the post I thought the picture of your dog was a bear! : )

Fatcat said...

She does look like a bear. The fedex driver is afraid of her but all she wants to do is crawl up in his truck and lick his face. :-)

Amy said...

That's funny....I thought the exact same thing too.....Looked just like a bear at first glance. Sounds like a fun evening full of memories made!


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