Thursday, November 17, 2011

Car trouble.

I think I kind of mentioned our slight car trouble the other day, but I didn't go into any details.  The details are quite entertaining.  We had started out towards our 4H meeting and there was road construction on our road, so we had to turn back towards home.  Our road is a loop, so we could go out the other way, which is just a bit longer.  As I was turning around, the "Coolant Low" light came on in the car so we headed home.  They asked me to add coolant, but I haven't done that since I got married, back in the dark ages and this urinary tract infection I have was kicking my hiney that day and I felt awful, so I said no.  I told them to look up how to do it.  So they googled putting coolant in the car, suited up with safety glasses (or swim goggles in the case of my youngest, which he always keeps in the bathroom, in case he has to do some deep sea diving during his shower) and gloves and tackled the filling up the coolant reservoir process.  I peeked outside a few minutes later and saw them all 3 standing there like surgeons with their gloves, their goggles and I just cracked up. They were so serious and intent and my youngest was wearing plaid shorts, a striped shirt, Christopher Robin rain boots, gloves and swim goggles.  :-)  I took pictures of course and then went back inside.  A few minutes later, I was wondering what was taking them so long and went back outside to see them all standing frozen in place staring at my youngest holding the funnel.  Apparently, he had touched some of the antifreeze accidentally without his glove (!) and now one of the pets might lick his hand and the pet might die!  They take warning labels on antifreeze containers very, very seriously apparently.  So after I laughed at them some more, good mom that I am, I told them to come in and wash their hands, I'd wash the funnel and we would all be okay.


Freakmom said...

Panic first, be reasonable later. That's usually my motto. ;)

You did record their car repair on their school lists, right?

Basil Glenn said...

Aww, what a cute story! I think it's great that they took the car's health seriously. You've definitely instilled in them the need to ensure that their property is well taken care of. Next time, however, you might want to have a professional do it, so that mishaps like the one with the anti-freeze don't happen again!


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