Monday, November 07, 2011

A book.

A long time ago when I started doing medical transcription, we used books to look things up (weird, I know) but then the internet came along and now I just look things up on the internet.  With Swagbucks, I even earn gift cards for looking things up.  I have to be careful that the information I am getting is from a reliable site, but I do okay this way.  So anyway, for several years I have been getting a card in the mail telling me that the copy of a certain medication reference has been reserved for me, and if I will just give them my credit card number, they will send it to me.  I've always ignored these.  This year, I actually received the book, not the card.  Then today, I received the bill for the book that I didn't order and didn't want - a bill for 94 dollars!   On the back of the invoice, there was a space for returns and it said that I could visit their web site to print out a shipping label and return the book.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that the shipping label said "affix proper postage here" instead of "postage will be paid by addressee".  Oh I was hopping mad.  I got on the website got into a live chat with a customer service representative and she was very nice.  She said that I could keep the book and that I would not have to pay for it.   Whew.  I guess heads will not have to roll after all.  :-P

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