Friday, November 18, 2011

Latest Projects.

We saw these pillows on Pinterest and we're trying to make our own.  So far we are still working on the tops so they aren't pillows yet.  Mine is on the left, my daughter's is on the right.  Her projects always look better. Pillow tutorial.

Freckles needed to try this one out right away, to make sure it was comfy.

These owls, we also made from a pattern we found on Pinterest.  I forgot to put a beak on mine, which I am going to try and remedy today.  They have already gotten names, Errol and Hedwig.  :-)  Owl Pattern

1 comment:

Amy said... Freckles! And love those little 'Hooters'. I saw a little felt owl ornament at Target last week & thought it was really cute, so I bought some felt today so I could make some too! Hope they turn out as cute as yours!!


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