Sunday, October 16, 2011

A funny observation.

We've gotten in the habit of listening to audio books all together in my room before bed.  I often go to sleep during them and the kids then turn it off after the agreed upon number of chapters and they leave the room, hopefully quietly.  It's a big room and there's plenty of room for everyone.  My daughter usually sits in a chair and crochets, my oldest son sits at my desk and uses my laptop to get on the internet and my youngest  son plays with legos or something similar while we listen. That's the background for this little story.

Last night before we started the book, I had already climbed into bed and for some reason, we were talking about sleeping positions. Now I sleep on my stomach with one arm kind of out and down and the other arm kind of out and up and my head turned to the side.  Every now and then, I switch arms and turn my head the other way.  I described it as "sleeping like an Egyptian." at which everyone laughed and my daughter said "let me see." and came over and looked at me and said "No.  Not an Egyptian.  More like a teapot.".

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Amy said...

LOL....sounds like how I sleep too. Have always slept on my stomach.


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