Monday, October 24, 2011

Catching up.

I didn't post over the weekend.  We were busy.  Friday night we had the family fun night at church that we planned.  We only had a few people there and most of them were related to me, but it's okay.  Those of us who did attend really had a good time.  Then Saturday, the kids had a hayride and I went to the grocery.  I really, sincerely hate going to the grocery now.  I mean I didn't like it before all the prices started going up exponentially, but now I really hate it.   I really need to start doing the coupon thing again I guess, but I'm not very organized for stuff like that.  It would be easier for me to just work more hours and I am considering that as an option.  :-(

I finally got the results of my echocardiogram and Holter monitor.  It was fine.  I'm pretty sure that the palpitations were caused by a combination of stress and anemia.  I'm taking iron pills now and I'm not having any issues with that.  I still don't feel great but I'll be okay.

This post is kind of random, but that's the way I roll.  :-).  I thought I'd share a few work funnies from this week.  These illustrate why some doctors will probably never be able to dictate to voice recognition software, or at least not for a while.  One of my doctors always dictates "parasitic atrial fibrillation" instead of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't mean that the patient's heart is being faster because of parasites?  Other always says that "a cardiology consultation was seeked." and another recommends that the patient have postsurgical monitorization.  I'm fairly certain that monitorization is not a word.   I correct these and make them sound fine and that's why I continue to have a job.

So anyway, that's what's going on with us.  We're doing school, we're procrastinating about all the things we usually procrastinate about and just being ourselves.  My oldest son is playing guitar all the time now and is making huge callouses on his fingers.  My husband got the Suburban fixed. (yay!)  I have beef stew in the crock pot that I'm looking forward to when I get home from work.  Life as usual.  Kind of nice.

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Freakmom said...

Glad to hear your test results were fine!

Hope the patient with parasites has as good of results. ;)


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