Saturday, October 08, 2011

Boom, Splat, Kablooey.

This afternoon my youngest son pulled out his Klutz book, called Boom, Splat, Kablooey and did one of the experiments in it, which was to put a fourth of a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave to watch it expand.  It was very entertaining.

Notes:  Since I've been asked some questions about this in comments and some of you might try it, I'll give some directions.  Cut the bar of ivory soap into fourths.  Put 1/4 on a paper plate and put in microwave for 1 minute.  It turns into this foamy stuff that breaks easily into little bits, so you may end up sweeping some of it up but it's not terribly messy.   By foam, I mean a dry foam, more like styrofoam than anything else I can think of.


Mother Mayhem said...

Ivory soap can do THAT? I had NO idea! Will have to try this one!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness.....that looks like something MY boys would LOVE to do! LOL

:)De said...

Did it clean up easily?

Freakmom said...

We love to blow things up in the microwave. We'll have to try this!


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